Hentai Heaven Collection 1

Hentai Heaven Collection 1 contains Vampire Vixen and Fuzzy Lips. Vampire Vixen, which is based on Doumou’s popular hentai manga Itadaki! Seieki!, tells the story of a male student named Kanzaki who receives an anonymous love letter from a secret admirer who wants to hook up with him. He’s not… Continue reading

Rio Rainbow Gate: Reshuffle Cast Announced!

                      English Dub Cast and Directed By: Amber Lee Connors (Sound Cadence Studios), Brittany Lauda (NJ) ADR Directing: Amber Lee Connors (Sound Cadence Studios), Brittany Lauda (NJ) ADR Writing: Amber Lee Connors, Howard Wang, Justin Briner ADR Engineering (Sound Cadence): Amber… Continue reading

Juden Chan Cast Announcement!

Paita  Matt Shipman Tentacle Monster Ricco Fajardo Ruiji Rochelle J. Chiang Akihiro Eddy Lee Author Milly Prower Luto Hougetsu Nicole Martino Charger Girl Engineer Kimlinh Tran Sunday Mama’s Waitress Jennifer Layla Neodym PA Malika Butler Santa Bear Mike Hecht Additional Voices: Vic Mignogna Mike Hecht Matt Shipman Ricco Fajardo Jon… Continue reading