About Us


Media Blasters, Inc. is a New York based corporation established in 2000, that distributes, translates, packages, and dubs anime and live action programming for the U.S. and North American DVD market. They are perhaps best known for their DVD releases of INVADER ZIM, and VOLTRON as well as translating, subtitling, dubbing and releasing high profile anime series such as BERSERK, KNIGHT HUNTERS, and RUROUNI KENSHIN and LADIES VS. BUTLERS.  

In almost two decades of business, Media Blasters has grown from a solid licensing company to a major media producer and distributor of content and programs for North America and worldwide. Domestically, we have produced several feature films and TV series such as FLESH FOR THE BEAST, SHADOW: DEAD RIOT, WICKED LAKE, LATE FEE, THE HILLS RUN RED (with Warner Brothers), SHINOBI GIRL, FLESH FOR THE BEAST: TSUKIKO’S CURSE and the upcoming VOODOO CHURCH, many of which have attracted top Hollywood talent and critical acclaim.  On the international front, we have participated in several co-productions with Japan on features such as KITE LIBERATOR, DEATH TRANCE, TOKYO GORE POLICE, DEATH GAPPA and THE MACHINE GIRL.

As a distributor, Media Blasters has partnered with industry giants such as Nickelodeon, Scholastic, PBS and Tezuka Productions (Jungle Emperor Leo) and NTV/Nippon Television (Moribito-Guardian of the Spirit) for nationwide DVD releases. Media Blasters strong relationships with major retailers such as Wal-mart, Best Buy and Transworld have guaranteed prime placement for all of its DVD products. Media Blasters has recently expanded into the US TV & internet markets with great success. Original and licensed productions have been featured on Amazon Prime, iTunes, PSN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Showtime, Starz, Sundance Channel, MTV/ LOGO, Comcast and many of the most popular Video-on-Demand platforms such as InDemand, DISH Network and Olympusat.

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