The Exterminator

TheExterminator The Exterminator This is the story of a Vietnam vet who launches a bloody vendetta against the New York underworld when his best friend is brutally beaten by a vicious street gang. He becomes a vigilante hero to the public. Continue reading

Mazinkaiser SKL


Mazinkaiserskl Mazinkaiser SKL A mechanized robotic weapon has been sent into the barren wasteland of Kikaijima, a colossal floating island hanging above Japan. Deadly forces there, once thought dormant, have reawakened and pose a threat to the entire planet Earth. Continue reading

Ah My Goddess!


AhMyGoddess Ah My Goddess A whiz with his studies, engineering student Keiichi Morisato doesn’t demonstrate the same prowess with the ladies. But one fateful evening, a wrong number puts him in contact with the “Goddess Hotline.” One wish later, Keiichi … Continue reading



Zatoichi Zatoichi This blood-stained epic shows the frailties of a man at odds with the Bushido Code. When released from jail, Zatoichi finds himself caught between rival bands of yakuza, confronts a group of gamblers, protects children and finds a … Continue reading