(Belleville, New Jersey) Media Blasters Inc. is pleased to announce four new premiere blu-ray releases for February 15th! First up, two new Korean action epics, SLATE and GANG, the anime series OTOBOKU and two adult anime OVA’s, PRINCESS KNIGHT ANGELICA and RINGETSU. All are lovingly and appropriately set for release on the day after Valentine’s!

(New Jersey) Media Blasters Inc. is pleased to announce a surprise trio of treasures just in time for the holidays! The sci-fi actioner ZEIRAM (celebrating its 30th year!), Grenadier (the fan favorite 12 episode anime!) and VERY PRIVATE LESSON will arrive on December 28th to bolster the holiday cheer! All three titles are being issued for the first time on blu-ray! 

SLATE (Live-action)

A new film by Jo Ba-reun starring action sensation Ahn Ji-hye!.
Since she was a child, Yeon-hee dreamed of becoming an action movie star. Despite
her amazing sword skills, her ultimate big screen goals always seemed just out of reach. One day, Yeon-hee is hired as a stand-in for a famous action star and goes onto the set, only to be abruptly transported to a chaotic parallel universe where people wield swords and slay each other with impunity! When Yeon-hee rescues some villagers, she

is immediately heralded as the protector of the village. To keep the village safe, Yeon- hee is forced to face a never ending onslaught of attacks and villains! Will she ever escape this relentless violent alternate reality for the much safer cinematic world? (100 mins.)

GANG (Live-action)

After getting into serious trouble, Choi Ji-hoon is transferred to Daehoon High, renowned as the worst school in Korea. Ji-hoon’s goal is simple: he wants to become the top dog of the new school’s gang. Attending his first class, Choi gets into everyone’s face and tries to pick a fight but there are no takers. When the
school bell rings and everyone leaves for the day, Ji-hoon follows Yong-sik for some
illegal, after-school extracurricular activities. They descend into a basement where a local fight club is in progress. The only rule of the club is that whoever wins becomes the top dog for the year. This is the big break Choi has been waiting for. Will he fight his way up to top dog status? (94 mins)


First time on blu-ray! Mizuho is the very model of a well-behaved young man. Kind,  intelligent, a true gentleman. When he can’t refuse his grandfather’s dying wish,  Mizuho finds himself enrolling into the same school his mother attended- an exclusive  academy for young ladies! He’s able to blend in with the help of a childhood friend who  also attends there but it’s not easy for a boy to keep a low profile at the all-girl school.  Questionable situations, uncomfortable rivalries and the occasional disaster follow him  on his amusing, heartwarming and gender-bending journey toward self-discovery, true  friendship and unrequited love! (Contains all 13 episodes) 


Absolutely Not For Children! Ernesto is a ruthless and ambitious man. He wants  nothing more than to become a member of the ruling class in a kingdom of elves where  the elf king relegates all humans to second-class citizenry. But Ernesto has a grand  scheme to secure a position among the king’s men that involves entrapping each of the  king’s beautiful daughters in uncompromising positions! Revenge was never so sweet  and pleasurable! Audio options: English dubbed and Japanese with English subtitles. 


Absolutely Not For Children!

RINGETSU– Long ago, the Rindo family was cursed by a  monster. Since then, all babies have been destined to be girls. To break the curse, a  male must marry a member of the Higetsu family and bear the child upon the next red  moon! As the curse befalls Naoto Rindo, he vows to end the curse and is determined to  impregnate one of four Higetsus sisters! (3 Episodes/ 90 mins. total)

SHIN RINGETSU Since the Rindo family curse was lifted, it has returned to haunt the family every third  generation. Unfortunately, Naoto Rindo’s fiancé, Suzune, has passed away in a tragic  accident and now he must race to impregnate one of her other four sisters to end the  curse once and for all. As the clock ticks away, it mysteriously seems possible that  Suzune may still be alive! (2 episodes/ 60 mins. total) 

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SLATE: Pre-Book: 1/18/2022/ Street Date: 2/15/2022/(BLU-RAY FORMAT) Catalog # MBBD 2203/ UPC: 631595220384/ Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 PCM Stereo/ SRP:  $19.99/ Languages: Original Korean Language with English Subtitles/ Not Rated/ Approx. 100  minutes.

GANG: Pre-Book:1/18/2022/ Street Date: 2/15//2022/(BLU-RAY FORMAT) Catalog # MBBD 2204/ UPC: 631595220483/Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 PCM Stereo/ SRP:  $19.99/Languages: Original Korean Language with English Subtitles/ Not Rated/ Approx. 94  minutes. 

OTOBOKU: Pre-Book:1/18/2022/ Street Date: 2/15/22/(BLU-RAY FORMAT) Catalog # MBBD 2201/ UPC: 631595220186/ Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 PCM Stereo/ SRP:  $29.99/ (DVD FORMAT) Catalog # MBDVD-2202/ UPC: 631595220285/ SRP: $19.99/ Aspect  Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 Digital Stereo/ Languages: Original Japanese Language with  English Subtitles/ Rated: 13 And Older/ Approx. 325 minutes total. 2 BDs/3 DVDs 

PRINCESS KNIGHT ANGELICA: Pre-Book:1/18/2022/ Street Date: 2/15/2022/(BLU-RAY  FORMAT) Catalog # KVBD-2205/ UPC: 631595220568/ Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio:  2.0 PCM Stereo/ SRP: $29.99/ (DVD FORMAT) Catalog # KVDVD-2206/ UPC: 631595220667/  SRP: $29.99/ Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 Digital Stereo/ Languages: English  Dubbed and Original Japanese Language with English Subtitles/ Rated: 18 And Over.  Absolutely Not For Children!//2 Episodes/ Approx. 60 minutes total. 

RINGETSU: COMPLETE: Pre-Book:1/18/2022/ Street Date: 2/15/2022/(BLU-RAY FORMAT)  Catalog # KVBD-2207/ UPC: 631595220766/ Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 (4 x 3)/ Audio: 2.0 PCM  Stereo/ SRP: $29.99/ (DVD FORMAT) Catalog # KVDVD-2208/ UPC: 631595220865/ SRP:  $29.99/ Aspect Ratio: Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 (4 x 3)/ Audio: 2.0 Digital Stereo/ Languages:  Original Japanese Language with English Subtitles/ Rated: 18 And Over. Absolutely Not For  Children!/ 5 Episodes/ Approx. 150 minutes total. 

Sales Contact: John Sirabella jsirabella@media-blasters.com 

New Media Sales: Gary Conner gary@privatescreenings.com 



“Solid acting and interesting characters… a thumbs up for entertainment.” – Asianfilmfans.com 


“With all the characters, the wonderful themes, and flowing music, you may find yourself  pleasantly surprised.”- Myanimelist.net

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