Blade of the Immortal

  Blade of the Immortal The Blade of the Immortal story revolves around a wandering warrior Manji, a crass, violent samurai with a special ability: he cannot die. Cursed with immortality by the nun Yobikuni as punishment for his ruthless deeds, he has grown weary of his ageless life. The… Continue reading

Ah My Goddess!

  Ah My Goddess A whiz with his studies, engineering student Keiichi Morisato doesn’t demonstrate the same prowess with the ladies. But one fateful evening, a wrong number puts him in contact with the “Goddess Hotline.” One wish later, Keiichi finds himself blessed with Belldandy, the perfect girlfriend and an… Continue reading


  Zatoichi This blood-stained epic shows the frailties of a man at odds with the Bushido Code. When released from jail, Zatoichi finds himself caught between rival bands of yakuza, confronts a group of gamblers, protects children and finds a beautiful woman. Rating:  Format: Genres: Where to buy/watch:      Continue reading

Queen’s Blade

  Queen’s Blade Queen’s Blade is the anime adaptation of the Queen’s Blade visual combat books and PSP game. The episodes’ plot covers the events leading up to the Queen’s Blade – a competition of strength and beauty held every four years to decide who will be the next Queen.… Continue reading