2021: Media Blasters To Move Away From DVD On Demand

Given the continue drop in DVD sales we were using a DVD ON DEMAND SYSTEM that the major studios use, with clear language on the packaging and the solicitation, to keep titles in circulation with low demand but given the amount of new titles we are releasing and the issues with vendors like Amazon with people making false claiming of “inauthentic” product we are switching to pressed discs again for a limited number of titles.

So please be patient as it will take a bit of time to make this change and PLEASE DO NOT BUY OUR DVDs if you are concerned about this issue. ALSO IF YOU HAVE ONE AND UNHAPPY WITH WILL ISSUE A REFUND OR EXCHANGE FOR PRESSED PRODUCT.

Many do not realize the headaches and hardship this can cause in the current marketplace with Amazon being such a big player making these claims. Also given the price of BLU RAY PLAYERS and the price of BLU RAYS being close to the DVD counterparts, BUY THE BLU RAY. ALL ARE PRESSED.

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