Roberta Findlay’s never-before-released BANNED!
Lost Punk-rock horror film resurfaces to make its
worldwide premiere on August 30th!

(Belleville, New Jersey) Media Blasters Inc. is pleased to announce the world premiere of the never-before-released BANNED! Director Roberta Findlay’s last feature film, the 1989 punk-rock horror film will headbang its way onto blu-ray and DVD for the first time on August xx!

Sex, Guns and Rock n’ Roll! When a smooth jazz guitarist is demonically possessed by the ghost of Teddy Homicide, a notorious, violent punk rocker, all hell and guitar strings are sure to break loose! This is grindhouse grand-diva Roberta Findlay’s last feature film- the never-before-released, eagerly-awaited, unseen cult film that has steadily gained in reputation since it was completed and unceremoniously shelved in 1989.

A punk era time capsule waiting to detonate, BANNED! will finally be unleashed in a fully restored, uncut and freshly 4K scanned special edition! Extras include new interviews with the director and cast member Debbie Rochon. Director Findlay, one of the lone femme auteurs of the exploitation film industry, has recently seen a resurgence of serious interest in her eclectic film output and is the subject of recent retrospectives at the Tribeca Film Festival and other international festivals. Her cinematic oeuvre is now the subject of a scholarly (and pricey) reference book,

The Films Of Robert Findlay, the newest volume in the ReFocus: American Director Series published by The University of Edinburgh. (Live-Action Feature/Blu-ray)

Other Roberta Findlay cult films distributed by Media Blasters include TENEMENT: GAME OF SURVIVAL, BLOOD SISTERS and THE ORACLE.

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ROBERTA FINDLAY’S BANNED!: PUNK PREMIERE EDITION Pre-Book: 07/26/22 Street Date: 08/30/22 (BLU-RAY FORMAT) Catalog # MBBD-2226/ UPC: 631595222685/Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16 x 9)/ Audio: 2.0 PCM Stereo/ SRP: $29.99 Languages: English/ Not Rated/ Approx. 97 minutes total

Sales Contact: John Sirabella
New Media Sales: Gary Conner

“All but lost, the unreleased Banned represents the final film of cult New York director Roberta Findlay (Tenement). Beholden to no genre and without an internal logic to call its own, the movie is utterly strange even for her.” –

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